FOCUSED-PPC: An Integrated Postpartum Care, Education and Support Model for Women in Ghana

In many settings in Sub-Saharan Africa, quality postpartum care, education, and support for the mother are often the missing components of postnatal care delivery, which focuses on care of the baby. The lack of standard postpartum care for the mother contributes to maternal deaths. There is an urgent need for an integrated postpartum care delivery model that is comprehensive and meets clinical care, education, and support needs of mothers. Thus, the purpose of this project is to test and evaluate an innovative postpartum care, education, and support model known as Focused-PPC, in Tamale, Ghana. The Focused-PPC project will be the first of its kind to design an integrated and comprehensive group postpartum care delivery model, focused on clinical care of the mother and baby, as well as education and peer support in Ghana. Our model supports the clinical assessments and timeframes recommended by the World Health Organization and adopted by Ghana Health Service. Together with my partner organization, Savana Signatures NGO, we developed and tested Focused-PPC. Focused-PPC is being implemented in groups in health centers in Tamale, Ghana. Each group meets at 1-2 weeks, 6 weeks, and monthly thereafter for up to 1 year postpartum following the Ghana health service postnatal care and child welfare clinic schedule. Led by trained midwives in the health centers, each group session consists of postpartum clinical assessments for mother (in addition to baby), education, and support. Focused-PPC has the potential to change the postpartum care delivery model in Ghana and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Results from this implementation will be used to further refine and scale up the Focused-PPC model of postpartum care.


Published by

Yenupini Joyce Adams

Yenupini Joyce Adams is an Assistant Professor of the Practice and the Global Maternal Research Lead at the Eck Institute for Global Health, University of Notre Dame. Her research passion is to improve maternal health, promote safe motherhood, and decrease maternal mortality and morbidity, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and U.S, where the burden of maternal mortality is greatest.

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